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DGMT Project Updates - November 2018

Posted: Nov 29, 2018

CCMR's Defense Governance & Management Team works many institutional capacity building projects all over the world. The statements below detail two of their current efforts.


DGMT Assists OSD, DSCA and GCCs to Implement Security Cooperation Reforms

In direct support of the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, defense planning experts from CCMR’s Defense Governance and Management Team (DGMT) have been contributing to the Department’s comprehensive efforts to reform security cooperation planning. Since September, personnel from across DGMT have taken part in Staff Assistance Visits with each Global Combatant Command (GCC) in order to help their staffs prepare fiscal year 2020 Initiative Design Documents (IDDs). IDDs integrate DoD’s security cooperation tools toward comprehensive objectives for significant security cooperation initiatives within partner countries and explicitly tie actions and objectives to the larger strategic outcomes intended in the commands’ theater strategies and the OSD Security Cooperation Guidance. DGMT also participated in OSD’s review of the IDD process, providing critical inputs and incorporating lessons learned into the planned revision of the IDD process. DGMT’s support to OSD, DSCA and the GCCs in this key area of security cooperation reform provides a great example of how CCMR and DGMT have become the focal point for innovation in the development of policy and planning for Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) programs and how to integrate ICB into comprehensive security cooperation plans.



DGMT Helps Jordan Restructure its Armed Forces While Adding Rigor to the Security Assistance Process

In partnership with the Jordanian Joint Staff, CCMR’s Defense Governance and Management Team (DGMT) is supporting Jordan’s multi-year restructuring of Jordan’s armed forces. In response to King Abdullah’s mandate to make Jordan’s military more modern, flexible, and capable of responding to future challenges, Jordanian Joint Staff leaders are working with DGMT experts to introduce Capability-Based Assessment methods to Jordanian strategic planners. Over just the last year, those strategic planners have demonstrated growing capacity to conduct the complex analyses required to boost capabilities for border security, combined operations, air mobility, and precision strike—all priorities for a nation which faces extraordinary security challenges along its borders with Syria and Iraq. These same DGMT efforts have also directly contributed to the advancement and sophistication of the Five Year Security Assistance Roadmap (FYSAR), a shared US-Jordanian institutional arrangement to ensure that hundreds of millions of dollars of US security assistance is optimally invested and sustained over the long term. DGMT’s partnership with the JAF is one example of how CCMR programs can help partners build transformative institutional capacity to not only strengthen military capabilities but also enhance bi-lateral defense relationships, even in one of the most vexed regions in the world.