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ISG delivers a course for government civilian and military personnel alongside members of the media in an effort to enhance constructive communications.
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Executive Course in Defense Decision Making

Posted: Oct 27, 2014
CCMR Staff

The Executive Course in Defense Decision Making Aftermath: Few testimonials to share from event participants:

Student from Nepal: "First of all, heartfelt appreciation to NPS , CCMR and all the GURUs of the sessions for 10 days. Privileged and honored. Shared knowledge and experience by the respectable resource persons and participants is immensely useful and we have started initial discussion to translate the knowledge in Nepalese perspective."

Student from Kenya: "It was a great pleasure to meet you and to participate in the course. The memories of the interactions and the great friends of the course will forever be cherished! Bravo to all and safe journey."

Student from Argentina: "Thank you so much for giving me the chance of being a part of this group and for everything I learned about your countries, but mostly I'm thankful for getting to know such amazing people. I had a great experience and Im going back home very happy. Hope we can stay in touch and Im willing to see you all again soon./p>

Student from Nepal: "It was historical moment. We shared lot of things form each other. I would like to thank to CCMR, NPS and organizer for hard work. Keep in touch." "It was great fun and enjoyable being together for a short but very interesting time, and learning from each other. Please remain in touch and you're most welcome to the top of the world."