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ISG Introduces First Set of Institutional Capacity Building “Smart Sheets”

Posted: Jan 22, 2021
ISG Staff

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) has released its first set of "Smart Sheets" on Institutional Capacity Building (ICB). These sheets fulfill the need for clear and concise information about ICB that provides key concepts and offers smart solutions. The Smart Sheets offer a standardized response to frequently asked ICB questions and represent the first set of easily accessible, cornerstone documents developed by a team of ISG experts and drawn from applied and field-tested efforts.

The Smart Sheets represent the ISG voice as the Defense Department’s leading ICB implementing body. Effective ICB is strategically driven, problem-focused, and partner-centric. Each Smart Sheet presents a specific challenge faced, the current state of the field, the role ICB plays in resolving the challenge, and best practice recommendations.

The last page of each Smart Sheet is a common page that explains ICB and includes an "ask an expert" email address, allowing users to discuss ICB topics or ask questions about the specific Smart Sheet with ICB experts.