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IDARM Leads the Way in Defense Acquisition Management Training & Education

Posted: Nov 13, 2017
Brianna Hartley, Amber Morgan & James Bailey

With rapidly changing defense technologies and increasingly complex threats, it is ever more important that countries have an effective defense acquisition system. In support of that mission, the International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) program of CCMR delivers a course entitled “Principles of Defense Acquisition Management,” specifically designed for foreign military officers and civilian equivalents who are engaged in a broad range of defense acquisition fields.

The course, which took place between October 16th and 27th, provides a theoretical examination of defense acquisition and logistics combined with practical application in a variety of national settings. The distinguished instructors bring a wealth of experience to the program, representing years of practice in Defense Acquisition Management. Course topics include Defense Acquisition Project Management, Criteria in Defense Acquisition Decision Making, Managing Risk in Defense Acquisition, Logistics, and Life-Cycle Management. Students also engage in small working group exercises applying classroom instruction to a defense acquisition case study. This course provides a unique opportunity to learn not only from the instructors, but also from their fellow students’ experiences in the field of defense acquisition.

Throughout the course, students share the defense acquisition management approaches used in their countries and identify the unique challenges faced. They also evaluate whether or not the defense acquisition process in their countries can effectively provide for the needs of their militaries in a timely and cost effective manner. As a result of this exercise, students discuss and identify ways to improve defense acquisition in their home countries.

Course participants represent a diverse group of civilian and military personnel. Twenty students from fourteen countries attended the 2-week course in Monterey, California. The countries represented include Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ghana, Croatia, Korea, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Pakistan, Slovenia, and Uganda

The students will apply the skills they have learned in a variety of ways when they return to their respective countries. Some students will use the skills learned from this course to better plan and manage defense acquisition projects. Regarding this subject, one student commented “This course has been an eye opening experience especially in the area of risk management; I learned practical skills that I can use when I return to my home country.” Another student will apply the skills he learned in this course to his job as a project and contract manager. This student commented, “I will use the information I have learned to recommend ways to shorten the defense acquisition process in my country to improve its efficiency.” When students return home, they will apply the skills they have learned from this course to a variety of professions within the defense acquisition field.

This course is one of four back-to-back IDARM offerings held annually at CCMR headquarters in the fall.