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Latin American Program Executes "Civil-Military Relations: Implementing Strategic Planning: Personnel Management Policies" in Santiago, Chile

Posted: Aug 22, 2015

On August 24, 2015, CCMR’s Latin America Program conducted THE SEVENTH IMET funded EIMET program for Academia Nacional de Estudios Politicos y Estrategicos (ANEPE) in Santiago, Chile. The seminar, “Program on Civil-Military Relations: Implementing Strategic Planning: Personnel Management Policies” went extremely well in terms of presentations, engagement, and interaction of the participants. The CCMR team received positive reviews and feedback from ANEPE participants. There were 28 participants (12 Chilean civilians, and 16 Chilean military officers) at the National Academy for Political and Strategic Studies.

The course was specifically designed to comply with the host nation's request, conveyed through the US embassy. The seminar included topics such as “global security trends”, “US policy toward Latin America”, “US vision regarding the Pacific”, “Hemispheric perspectives on the Pacific Rim”, “intelligence’s & strategic decision-making”, “cyber security”, “human resources management”, “professional military education”, “women & the armed forces”, as well as “strategic communications and the military”

CCMR team was composed of CCMR LATAN & INTEL Program Manager, Cristiana Matei, National Security Affairs (NSA) Department Professor Carolyn Halladay, Professor William Hatch from the NPS Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, and Professor Arturo Sotomayor from the University of Texas at San Antonio.