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Robert Tomasovic

Program Manager

Robert Tomasovic

Colonel (Ret.) Robert (Bob) Tomasovic assists with the coordination of the Security Cooperation & Regional Education” program. He previously served as the Program Manager for the Security Cooperation Studies & Exercises Program (SCSEP) and the Leader Development & Education for Sustained Peace (LDESP), which he developed in early 2000 after his yearlong tour in Bosnia.

During his military service in the US Army for over 31 years, Colonel (Ret.) Tomasovic served as Chief, Office of the Inspector General, Armed Forces of the Entities of Bosnia Herzegovina, Deputy Brigade Commander of the 41st Separate Infantry Brigade, deployed to JTF Bravo, served as a member of the Army Training and Leader Development Blue Ribbon and the FORSCOM Process Action Team developing the US Integrated Divisions, conducted numerous Bi-Lateral exercises in South East Asia and Central America, Command and held staff positions at Brigade, Battalion, Company, and Platoon.

Colonel (Ret.) Tomasovic is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as an Outstanding American from the State of Oregon.