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Posted: Jan 12, 2023

The ISG Team recently came together for a three-day on-site meeting in Monterey, California and online. Events included a recognition ceremony for Mr. Steven Peterson for his five years of leadership as ISG Director as well as a town hall welcoming Acting Director Mr. David Manero in which colleagues learned more about his vision for the Institute during this important transitional period. 

Mr. Manero then kicked off his new role by facilitating “A Walk Through ISG,”  a thoughtful overview session comprised of the Institute's major portfolios and featuring presentations from Institute's experts in attendance and online. This session provided a dynamic opportunity for all to connect with the impactful mission and the complex mechanics of the Institute's work. 

A great kick-off to the new year, the on-site gathering was an invaluable opportunity to communicate and collaborate with one another in one-on-ones and small groups around the important work that we all share.