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Featured Articles take an in-depth look at the Institute's various Institutional Capacity Building activities around the globe.
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May 1, 2023
The Defense Security Cooperation University’s Institute for Security Governance (ISG), in partnership with the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, recently held its second Ukraine resiliency engagement consisting of a three-day workshop that brought together 38 participants working in the government sector – including 18 Ukrainians - aimed at enhancing the resiliency of Ukraine through legislation. The first workshop, held in December, assessed and discussed the national resilience challenges Ukraine faces. This second workshop narrowed their focus on legislative resiliency. “We’re building on that momentum (from December),” said Col. Todd Brown, the ISG Resident Advisor (MoDA) detailed to the Embassy of the United States in Ukraine. “We’re focused on legislative items or topic that deals with resiliency and how the Ukrainian government actually manages and administers programs under their resilience framework. It’s a critically important topic.”
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New Posts provide a quick snapshot of the Institute's various Institutional Capacity Building activities around the globe.
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ISG Promotes Unity of Effort in Support of the Nebraska State Partnership Program with Rwanda

Posted: Feb 2, 2021

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) conducted a virtual workshop in support of the partnership between the Nebraska National Guard (NENG) and the Republic of Rwanda from 13-15 January 2021. The workshop aimed to enhance NENG's understanding of the historical and socio-political context of their partner, provide guidance on US priorities for the country, and establish a framework for working with the Rwanda Defence Forces, setting the stage for a review and discussion of potential areas of cooperation between state and country.

ICB Smart Sheet

ISG Introduces First Set of Institutional Capacity Building “Smart Sheets”

Posted: Jan 22, 2021

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) has released its first set of “Smart Sheets” on Institutional Capacity Building (ICB). These sheets fulfill the need for clear and concise information about ICB that provides key concepts and offers smart solutions. The Smart Sheets offer a standardized response to frequently asked ICB questions and represent the first set of easily accessible, cornerstone documents developed by a team of ISG experts and drawn from applied and field-tested efforts.

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ISG wins SECDEF Award for Excellence in Maintenance Training, Advice, and Assistance of Foreign Security Forces – Ministerial Category

Posted: Nov 3, 2020

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) is humbled and proud to accept the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence in Maintenance Training, Advice, and Assistance of Foreign Security Forces in the Ministerial Category, for a second year in a row. The 2020 award recognizes ISG’s efforts with partners in the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) to build capacity to conduct Capability Based Assessments (CBAs) to strengthen the effectiveness of one our important Middle Eastern partners.

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ISG Maritime Security Program Conducts "Civil-Military Approaches to Maritime Security" Virtual Course

Posted: Oct 23, 2020

The Institute for Security Governance’s Maritime Security Program conducted a week-long “Civil-Military Approaches to Maritime Security” Course for 167 participants attending the Indonesian Navy Staff College (SESKOAL) in Jakarta from October 12-16.

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Opportunities with ISG

Posted: Sept 21, 2020

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) has a new opening in our faculty team. We are currently recruiting for a Faculty Associate – Education who will serve as ISG’s Communications and Outreach lead. Learn more about the position at the bottom of our "Working with Us" page.

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Ministry of Defense Advisors Program Seeks Applicants

Posted: July 21, 2020

The Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU) is now training the latest cohort of candidates for the Ministry of Defense Advisors (MoDA) program at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) on Camp Atterbury, Indiana. The training of the advisors is conducted by DSCU, and is a key facet of the MoDA Program.