Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP)

Required for all travelers in order to prepare for a situation when a traveler needs to be authenticated after they have become isolated, captured, missing, or detained.

ISOPREP certificates are valid for 6-12 months, depending on the region being visited.

To Begin a New Application for ISOPREP

  1. Complete the first page of the ISOPREP form (.pdf). Your ISG POC will provide you with this form. Do NOT include your SSN and Date of Birth on the form. That sensitive information will be provided by phone later in the ISOREP process.
  2. Take one front and one side photo. Photo files should be between 100-200 KB, no more than 200 MAX; from shoulders up; collared shirt; plain background.
  3. Prepare Authentication Statements and 4 digit Authentication Number.
    • The parameters are: 4 statements, all different subjects. No public knowledge, no military references, nothing that would be in a yearbook. Each statement needs to have 6 pieces of information from which the rescuer could easily and quickly form questions from.
      Example Statement: My first car was a new 1970 light blue VW that I bought from a dealership in Hartford for $2,000.
    • The 4 digit Authentication Number parameters are: no zeros, no repeating numbers, no more than two numbers in sequence (OK: 1259, not OK: 1239) (OK: 9852, not OK: 9872), nothing that can be traced back to the individual (such as a graduation year, birth year, anniversary year). It needs to be a number the SME can remember easily under duress.
  4. Please contact your ISG POC for information on who to send this information to. The information will be sent in TWO separate emails.
    • First email will contain the photos and ISOPREP application form.
    • Second email will contain the ISOPREP statements and authentication number.
    • NOTE: If you send this information together in one email it becomes classified by virtue of compilation and is therefore disqualified for use.
    • The SME understands that emailing his/her statements and number does not mean that they will be accepted until quality control deems the statements appropriate for use.
  5. The ISG POC will provide the SME with the information necessarily as to whom to call to confirm receipt of the two emails, and to provide their SSN and Date of Birth on the ISOPREP form.
    • If the statements and number do not comply with ISOPREP rules, he/she will then have to re-submit new statements by email.

To Revalidate an Existing ISOPREP:

  1. Contact your ISG POC to inform them that your ISOPREP certification is about to expire.
  2. Your POC will provide you with the contact information of the designated ISOPREP POC. Inform the ISOPREP POC that you need to revalidate your ISOPREP certificate.
  3. ISOPREP renewals are conducted on Friday mornings. Please contact the ISOPREP POC at least two days prior to Friday, to allot time to prepare the necessary documents and information.
  4. The ISOPREP POC will then schedule a specific time slot on a Friday in which they will call the SME and begin the re validation process.
    • Note: Please be mentally prepared to remember your authentication statements and numbers.