Mission and Vission Mission and Vission


Advance U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives through the application of programs and activities that enhance partners’ institutional capabilities to address shared security challenges.


Provide innovative approaches that support enduring institutional capability among allies and partners;

Develop and promulgate ICB best practices;

Shape, enable, and lead communities of practice and interest;

Facilitate ICB efforts for comprehensive, full-spectrum approaches to the security cooperation mission; and,

Build a center of excellence.

Focus Areas

With security cooperation (SC) efforts increasingly focused on strengthening allies and enabling partners, the development of functioning, accountable, and effective defense and security institutions is a critical focus across the SC enterprise and is the foundation of the new Institute for Security Governance (ISG). Applying real world and theoretical expertise, ISG programs come together to form an SC toolkit that can be adapted and leveraged in support of a variety of partner objectives, including:

Institutional Governance, Management, and Development

Build partner institutional capacity to govern and manage security forces, contribute to collective security, and absorb, apply and sustain capabilities.

Civil-Military Relations & Professionalization

Enhance partner civil-military relations and security professionalization to strengthen governance and enable security forces that are responsive and accountable to citizens.

Peace & Security

Pioneer innovative approaches that address non-traditional, trans-national, and emergent challenges to peace and security.

Security Cooperation Learning & Innovation

Design practical approaches to enhance the field and forge the way for future security cooperation leaders.


Executive Education

Intensive short courses designed for multinational senior military and civilian officials from the legislature, government ministries, and non-governmental organizations based in civil-military relations and governance, national security decision making, and institutional capacity building.

Resident Education

U.S.-based multinational academic activities for mid-level to senior military and civilian officials that cover the range of ISG’s focus areas, and tailored to address the unique security challenges of partners.

Mobile Education Teams (METs)

Single or a short series of workshops that concentrate on a particular requirement or interest tailored to a partner nation. ISG METs are conducted around the world, and provide high-quality instruction in partner nation or multinational venues with a focus on participant engagement and applied learning.

Institutional Capacity Building (ICB)

ISG’s ICB efforts encompass multi-year approaches to support partner nations in developing accountable, effective, and responsive security and defense institutions. With programs grounded in critical governance and management practices, tailored to partner nation challenges, and aligned with US priorities, ISG ICB programs enable partners to maintain, sustain, and utilize key national security capabilities to achieve national objectives for the long-term.

Multinational Exercises

ISG provides customized support to unique exercises that challenge US and multinational military staffs to function effectively and coordinate full-spectrum missions in complex operational spaces.

Research & Publication

With world-class expertise in security governance, ISG faculty are pushing fields forward through research and development of new approaches and methodologies, putting research into practice, and through academic publication that shapes thinking and application.