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Posted: Nov 16, 2023

We’re proud to announce the successful culmination of the first-ever session of the BUILDING RESILIENCE TO COUNTER HYBRID THREATS course at ISG. The program identified and scrutinized national, regional, and collective security capacities aimed at supporting a comprehensive resilience strategy to counter hybrid threats.

Throughout the course, participants engaged in identifying key government and private sector entities, ministries, and law enforcement partners who performed essential functions related to resilience. They also explored political processes affecting cooperation, examined new policies and cooperation frameworks, and analyzed methodologies crucial for operational and strategic comprehension. This understanding is pivotal in fostering willingness, collaboration, and execution for a viable approach to combat hybrid threats effectively via a comprehensive approach.

Key Objectives Achieved by Participants:
• Understanding how resilience to hybrid threats safeguards states and societies and the processes that make them function.
• Evaluation of existing and evolving national, European Union (EU), and NATO concepts for defining and understanding hybrid threats
• Discussions on current real-life examples of hybrid threats across the globe
• Analysis of emerging multi- and cross-domain threats
• Appreciation for the opportunities, limitations, and prerequisites for effectively applying a comprehensive approach

Kudos to all the participants and instructors for their dedication to this important subject! The strides made in understanding and preparing for the challenges of hybrid threats are significant steps towards a more secure future. We look forward to continuing this important work together.