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All items featured on this page are downloadable, printable, and shareable. Please check back frequently, as even schedules and course listings may change.

We hope to grow the ISG-related information and resources available to you on this page. If you would like to see a particular item listed here, tell us by reaching out to

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This section contains short introductions to the Institute; to the various modes of delivery for ISG’s work as the Institutional Capacity Building Center of Excellence; and to the issues and functional areas that encompass ISG’s work.
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Introduction to ISG Primer

This two-page document provides a brief introduction to ISG as a leader and integrator in global Institutional Capacity Building and includes information about what drives us, how we are organized, our approach to advising and education, and the areas in which we work. For more detailed information, go to the About the Institute and What We Do sections of this site.

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Non-Resident Advising Primer

This two-page document provides a brief introduction to Non-Resident Advising – ISG’s primary tool for fostering long-term Security Cooperation relationships that support the development of bilateral military capability priorities and fulfill Congressionally-mandated Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) requirements.

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Resident & Mobile Education Primer

This two-page document provides a brief introduction to ISG’s adaptable, scalable, and and tailored Resident and Mobile Education, which is offered in a variety of delivery formats, across a wide array of functional areas to address U.S. and partner nation security objectives.

Women, Peace, & Security Primer

This two-page document provides a brief introduction to ISG’s work in integrating Women, Peace, and Security principles, enacted by the United States Government,  into all of its institutional capacity building programs. Improving the participation of women in peace and security processes, conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and decision-making institutions is part and parcel of enhancing partner force effectiveness.

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ICB Smart Sheets

ISG has developed a series of concise papers, or Smart Sheets, designed to inform USG stakeholders and partner institutions about specific Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) functional or issue areas. Each sheet presents the specific challenge faced, the current state of the field, the role ICB plays in resolving the challenge, and provides ICB best practice recommendations.

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Course Materials

This section contains resources related to the Institute’s educational programming offered in resident, mobile, virtual, and hybrid formats. Here you will find details surrounding both the content and timing of these various offerings.
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Course Catalog

This catalog document provides an overview of ISG's unique course offerings that support our education and training objectives. For an interactive, online version of the course catalog, go to the Schoolhouse Information Hub section of this site.

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Course Description Sheets

The Schoolhouse Information Hub is the most complete public resource for ISG course information. The tables on the Schoolhouse Information Hub page display our offerings according to our functional areas. Click the titles within the tables to display and print our course description sheets.

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FY24 Resident Course Calendar

The course offerings in the FY2024 Resident Course Calendar are conducted at ISG Headquarters in Monterey, CA. The two to four week short course offerings span the Security Governance & Civil Military Relations; Conflict, Terrorism, and Protection; Maritime Security; Emergency Management & Resilience; Peacekeeping & Exercises; Cyber Capability; International Defense Acquisition Resource Management; and Logistics Capability Building practice group functional areas.

FY24 New ISG Course Offerings

These resident course offerings in the FY2024 New ISG Course Offerings are conducted at ISG Headquarters in Monterey, CA, and span the civil military relations; conflict, terrorism, and protection; cyber capability; emergency management and resilience, international defense acquisition resource management, logistics capacity building, maritime security, and  peacekeeping and exercises functional areas.

Campus Map

Locate us at ISG headquarters by following this map from Naval Support Activity Monterey. The map also includes directions to other useful services. Note that ISG resides on secure US government property. Access must be arranged in advance.

For complete directions on how to get to ISG, go to the Visit Us section of this website.