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Intro to School House Information Hub

ISG’s Resident and Mobile Education provides military and civilian officials with unique education and professional development programs that support Security Cooperation and Institutional Capacity Building (ICB). In the Schoolhouse information Hub, you will find details about the different types of educational offerings; descriptions of the various functional area covered; and course descriptions related to each area. All items featured on this page are downloadable, printable, and shareable. Please check back frequently, as schedules and course listings may change.


Course types are offered by ISG, denoted by a unique MASL number:

1-2 week multilateral courses primarily conducted at ISG headquarters in Monterey, California. Delivered in adult learning style, courses feature lectures, breakout groups, interactive exercises, and student-led presentations. Limited to no more than 30 students.
1-2 week multilateral courses where one partner serves as a host to the ISG instructional team as well as students from other countries. Courses are tailored to the regional context, and participant composition varies by topic and delivery method.
Mobile Education Teams (METs) conduct 1-2 week bilateral courses in partner countries. Courses are tailored to the national and regional context, and participant composition varies by topic and delivery method.
Virtual courses are conducted in a synchronous or combination synchronous/asynchronous format. These courses are typically 3-5 days in duration and conducted in a bilateral or multilateral format and tailored to the country or regional context. Hybrid courses customarily include at least one in-person instructional team member to facilitate discussions.
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Civil-Military Relations (CMR) and Security Governance

Civil-Military Relations and Security Governance addresses all aspects of the relationship between elected civilians and security institutions (armed forces, police forces, and intelligence agencies) in a democratic context. CMR offers courses, seminars, and workshops that address a variety of potential challenges and avenues for success in institutionalizing effective and functioning civil-military relations.

International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM)

International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) activities are designed to strengthen defense acquisition processes and decision-making, and help nations understand and adopt modern business practices. IDARM offers a wide range of defense acquisition, logistics, and contract management courses. Courses can cover a combination of interrelated subjects, with the goal of offering defense leaders the opportunity to explore strategic issues which must be addressed in order to improve their nation’s defense acquisition processes and business practices. Course offerings are developed in conjunction with faculty and specialized subject matter experts and tailored to the specific government organizational structures, national acquisition statutes and regulations, and defense acquisition objectives of the Partner Nation.

Logistics Capacity Building (LCB)

The Logistics Capacity Building (LCB) functional area works with participants to increase the professionalization of their logistics forces to better sustain defense and security force capabilities. LCB activities are designed to support participants’ efforts to better assess their logistics requirements and implement the lessons learned within the unique context of their nation. Emphasis is placed on the necessity to integrate other institutional capabilities such as strategy, policy, and plans, human resource management, and resource management. Learning methodologies include case study presentations, lectures, small group exercises/activities, and structured discussions.