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Posted: Dec 27, 2023

DSCU’s Institute for Security Governance recently concluded the resident course: EXECUTIVE PROGRAM IN DEFENSE DECISION MAKING in Monterey, California. The goal of this course is to empower senior leaders with key knowledge and skills to be effective decision-makers, become agents of change, and to transform their institutions to address ever-evolving national security challenges.

Objectives include: 

♦ Apply informed decision-making principles as a means of building security institutions to address emerging national
security threats
♦ Employ specific skill sets necessary to enhance senior leader effectiveness in an evolving threat environment
♦ Implement changes to build institutional capacity through strategic alignment of planning, resourcing, coordination,
and communications
♦ Reinforce civil-military norms and institutional effectiveness through a principled approach to defense governance
♦ Facilitate an exchange of ideas and experiences among defense leaders around issues of institutional management
and capacity building

This course uses the Institute for Security Governance’s (ISG) “Civil-Military Approaches to National Security Challenges” methodology to equip participants with the skills needed to identify threats, assign roles and missions of security institutions, develop ministry-level strategies, enhance interagency coordination, and create strategic communication campaigns that ensure whole-of-government responses to national security challenges. It also addresses defense decision making and best practices for defense and security sector governance. 

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