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IDARM Course Participants Learn the Ins & Outs of Defense Acquisition Negotiations

Posted: Dec 13, 2017
James Bailey & Brianna Hartley

As the defense contracting environment becomes more complex, contract negotiators must have the appropriate knowledge and skills to effectively conduct negotiations. To provide partner nation students with an understanding of defense acquisition negotiations, the International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) Program of the Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR), conducted an eight-day course entitled “International Defense Acquisition Negotiations” from 13-22 November 2017.

The course focused on planning and preparing for negotiations with an emphasis on negotiation of complex issues related to international armament contracts. The course benefits from distinguished instructors who bring years of contract negotiation experience in both the public and private sectors. The course is designed to help students understand and apply various negotiation strategies and develop an understanding of cross cultural negotiations.. During the course, students identify their personal negotiation tendencies, plan negotiation strategies, and engage in group negotiation exercises.

One of the most important concepts students take away is how and when to adapt their negotiation strategy given the behavior and goals of the parties involved. Emphasis was placed on characteristics of successful negotiators and collaborative negotiations to facilitate a mutually beneficial outcome which fosters lasting and productive business relationships. Group exercises are monitored by the instructors and outside observers. Negotiation exercises are designed to simulate real world negotiation scenarios. Feedback is provided upon completion of each negotiation scenario.

Course participants represented a diverse group of civilian and military personnel. The following countries were represented in this offering: Albania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Gabon, South Korea, Latvia, Liberia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, and Ukraine. This level of diversity is particularly beneficial to replicate the impact culture can have in negotiations. Students return home better able to utilize analytical techniques and fact finding methodologies to develop a negotiating position and best alternative to a negotiated agreement.

The “International Defense Acquisition Negotiations” resident course (MASL P179069) is scheduled twice per year with the next offering scheduled 2-11 April 2018. This course can also be conducted in country upon request.