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ISG Maritime Security Program Conducts "Civil-Military Approaches to Maritime Security" Virtual Course

Posted: Oct 23, 2020
Tim Doorey

The Institute for Security Governance’s Maritime Security Program conducted a week-long “Civil-Military Approaches to Maritime Security” Course for 167 participants attending the Indonesian Navy Staff College (SESKOAL) in Jakarta from October 12-16.

The 5-day course covered the changing strategic environment in the 21st century, major maritime accidents, maritime domain awareness overview and case studies, acquisition and resource management best practices, operational research tools for maritime search and interception and strategic communications. Course participants also engaged in exercises on how to prioritize maritime threats and risk, and determining maritime governance capabilities and capacity.

ISG and SESKOAL have a long-standing relationship and ISG appreciates the opportunity to engage with the Indonesian Armed Forces. The maritime security program has conducted mobile courses at SESKOAL in Jakarta, and has hosted dozens of SESKOAL students and staff for its in-residence courses in Monterey, California regularly. Other ISG programs work closely with SESKOAL, the Indonesian Navy, other services and the Ministry of Defense, and appreciate this long-standing relationship.