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ISG Releases Two New Smart Sheets

Posted: June 4, 2021
Emily Bruza

ISG is proud to introduce two new Smart Sheets on Building Resilience for National Defense and Defense Acquisition. The Smart Sheets are communal tools that allow cooperative work towards a common understanding of Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) concepts and solutions, and create talking points about real-time and practical issues faced by our partners. These two new products join ISG's existing library of five Smart Sheets, published in February.

The Building Resilience for National Defense Smart Sheet highlights the importance of having appropriate emergency response systems in place. There are many challenges associated with building resilience, and many nations' emergency response techniques are reactive and geared toward outdated threats. The ICB approach to building resiliency includes whole-of-government mitigation of, response to, and recovery from multiple types of emergencies. ICB best practices are based on a set of universally applicable resilience guidelines, international lessons learned, and common principles. US Security Cooperation in this area strengthens the critical link between national resilience and defense while bolstering the overall security and stability of the partner nation, region, and the international community.

The Defense Acquisition Smart Sheet presents the complex issue of obtaining goods and services to meet the defense needs of a particular nation. Many partner nations often lack the systems, personnel, and funding to acquire and sustain the appropriate defense systems and platforms. Ultimately, the most important benefit of ICB for defense acquisition is helping partners ensure that their defense systems and capabilities are efficient, effective, and reliable. ICB best practices in defense acquisition include determining what capabilities are needed, ensuring adequate resources to acquire, deploy, and sustain capabilities, and acquiring capabilities in a timely, cost-effective, and sustainable manner.

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