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ISG’s Resident Advisor in Qatar Supports Increased Security Missions

Posted: Aug 15, 2022
Resident Advising Team

Over the past year, an Institute for Security Governance’s (ISG) Resident Advisor has been deployed to Qatar and working with the Qatar Armed Forces (QAF) on an ongoing safety and security mission. Encompassed in this line of effort is the development of a security operations plan for the International Federation of Football Association’s (FIFA) 2022 World Cup, scheduled to begin in November.  

At the recent U.S.-Qatar Military Consultative Commission talks in Doha, U.S. and Qatar officials highlighted the ISG Resident Advising program as being crucial to QAF efforts to modernize its military techniques, tactics, and procedures and to enhance its military institutions to support newly acquired capabilities. A U.S. executive member of the Commission noted how robust Qatar’s Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) efforts have been to date, attributing the success of these efforts to the ISG Resident Advisor’s daily collaboration with Qataris. 

The current Resident Advisor works with numerous Qatari counterparts on a myriad of subject areas and projects, providing advice and lessons learned to help the QAF develop effective and sustainable policies, procedures, practices, and systems across the Qatari defense enterprise. A second ISG Resident Advisor is scheduled to deploy soon to support the QAF Doctrine Center. 

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