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Posted: Mar 7, 2024

DSCU’s Institute for Security Governance recently concluded the resident course: PRACTICAL CYBER IMPLEMENTATION in Monterey, California. This course explores policies and practices necessary to protect and defend data, networks, systems, and platforms essential for military and security organizations and that underpin economic, social, governmental, and political activity in society. Instructors highlight the importance of civilian control throughout the cyber and MoD staff directorates, effective cybersecurity as a national security imperative, and introduce participants to cyber mission assurance, explore barriers to effective policy and practical implementation, and consider the latest practices and innovations for building cyber resilience.

Objectives include: 

♦ Use frameworks/best practices, develop processes for cyber planning lines of effort for national security missions
♦ Identify international, national, contractual, statutory and regulatory influencers in MoD/Armed Forces Cyber
♦ Develop guidance including metrics, procedures and guidelines for operations, international/interagency efforts for stakeholder
♦ Address challenges to planning implementation when developing practices for operational use
♦ Create implementation plans/supporting guidance addressing MoD/Armed Forces requirements

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