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Posted: Oct 24, 2023

Congratulations to the latest cohort of participants to attend the ISG Resident Course, SECURING THE STATE: BUILDING INSTITUTIONS FOR NATIONAL SECURITY!

This four-week resident course equips participants with the skills needed to utilize capabilities-based assessments to identify capability gaps in security and defense arenas. The course uses a mix of lecture, interactive small-group sessions, simulation exercises, and discussions with subject matter experts to explore how to prepare national security institutions to address national security threats. The course offers approaches to establish healthy civil-military relations and interagency coordination to ensure effective, whole-of-government responses to national security challenges.

Objective include: 
♦ Articulate fundamental concepts related to positive civil-military relations
♦ Utilize specific skills to identify threats, assign institutional roles, and develop whole-of-government responses
♦ Identify when and how a nation’s armed forces can be used to support civil authorities in times of crisis/emergency
♦ Assess the effectiveness of efforts to confront security threats and make operational changes to ensure success
♦ Develop professional networks to address shared security interests

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