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Posted: Nov 1, 2023

DSCU’s Institute for Security Governance recently concluded the resident course: STRATEGIES & CAPABILITIES FOR CYBER CHALLENGES in Monterey, California. This four–week course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to understand cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and their consequences for national security and military operations. The course explores strategies and capabilities to maintain an advantage over actors who seek to exploit, disrupt, or damage the critical networks, systems, and services upon which our societies and militaries depend. Instructors highlight the importance of a comprehensive approach that applies whole-of government coordination, regional collaboration, and public-private partnerships to counter cyber-enabled malicious actors across the spectrum of conflict.

Objectives include: 

♦ Recognize cyber threats and challenges in new forms of geopolitical conflict and competition across political platforms
♦ Effectively analyze, design, and implement national and military strategies for safeguarding access to cyberspace
♦ Understand emerging technologies and security practices to counter advanced cyber actor tactics and techniques
♦ Be conversant in the legal aspects and issues for a global domain’s national regulations and laws, and international regimes and norms
♦ Consider governmental processes and policies to promote cooperation among government and private sector organizations, ministries, and law enforcement partners

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