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Posted: Nov 21, 2023

Congratulations to the latest cohort of participants of the WOMEN, LEADERSHIP and NATIONAL DEFENSE course. This course supports the U.S. Department of Defense Women, Peace, and Security Strategic Framework Implementation Plan; UN Security Council Resolution 1325 objectives; and Women, Peace, and Security principles. 

It is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skill sets to be change agents to promote women’s meaningful participation in their national security and defense institutions. The course provides practical, strategic, and political insights into women’s inclusion and promotion within decision- and policy-making processes. The underlying theme is that including women in decision-making processes yields more diverse perspectives on how to address national security challenges resulting in more effective strategic and operational responses to those challenges.

Objectives include:
♦ Understand underlying Global Women, Peace & Security objectives and principles
♦ Identify main challenges and prospects for success associated with including women in positions of authority, power, and strategic decision-making
♦ Articulate best practices to integrate women into strategic decision-making, based on case studies of developed and
developing democracies around the world
♦ Recognize the importance of male mentors and advocates
♦ Explore benefits of including women in strategic defense and security decision-making at senior levels of government
♦ Develop an action plan for promoting women into positions of authority and strategic leadership at the executive, legislative, judicial, and societal levels

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