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Featured Articles take an in-depth look at the Institute's various Institutional Capacity Building activities around the globe.
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A&C’s Successful Transition to Virtual Engagements

2021: Quarter 2 - Mar 30, 2021
The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caught us all by surprise, but ISG’s Advising & Consulting (A&C) team adapted quickly. After realizing that the COVID-19 environment would interrupt in-person engagements for an unspecified amount of time, the team transitioned to virtual engagements almost immediately upon the onset of the pandemic and the corresponding travel restrictions.
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New Posts provide a quick snapshot of the Institute's various Institutional Capacity Building activities around the globe.
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Posted: Apr 17, 2024

Retired Brigadier General Geraldine Janet George, who was recently appointed as the new Acting Liberian Minister of Defense, is the first woman to serve in this role in the country’s history, making this appointment an historic step forward for the country and the continent.  
BG George is also a graduate of several Institute for Security Governance (ISG) Resident & Mobile Education Training courses.

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graphic of ISG Turns 5 anniversary


Posted: Apr 15, 2024

5 Years of Impact at ISG!
In five years under the auspices of DSCA, and our nearly 30 years of history as a DoD Security Cooperation implementing component, ISG has grown remarkably into a pivotal force within the Department of Defense, expanding our reach with our foreign partners and continuing to innovate and implement in all aspects of Security Cooperation. 

Going forward, our primary mission remains our focus: to advance U.S. national security interests by strengthening the institutional capacity of partner and allies’ defense and security sectors.

Click here to view the ISG Turns Five Infographic.

picture of soldiers training on the field


Posted: Apr 11, 2024

In a compelling exploration published on, ISG Africa Regional Program Lead Dr. Whitney Grespin and coauthor Dr. Caroline Batka, a senior military analyst at Comenius University, reflect on why the language around private actors in international security services matters. This analysis, rooted in the authors’ extensive background in security governance, underscores the pivotal role terminology plays in shaping the perception, regulation, and behavior of these actors. 
The article makes a compelling case for the necessity of a refined and expanded lexicon to accurately reflect and regulate the activities of these diverse groups. By highlighting the intricacies of terminology in international security, Drs. Grespin and Batka contribute significantly to the ongoing discourse on how we understand and engage with private actors in this critical field. We commend our colleague, Dr. Grespin, for her thought leadership. 

group of participants in formal attires standing in front of a building


Posted: Apr 8, 2024

DSCU’s Institute for Security Governance recently concluded the resident course: PRINCIPLES OF DEFENSE PROCUREMENT & CONTRACTING in Monterey, California. This International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) course provides a theoretical and practical examination of fundamental concepts and challenges associated with national and global defense contracting. 

Participants examine methodologies that ensure needs based requirements, work in groups to develop and issue requests for tender, and use reasoned decision-making in supplier selection. Critical post-award contract management considerations are also discussed. U.S. and international best practices are examined, as are challenges associated with institutionalizing efficient and effective procurement systems.

A man in a suit is giving a presentation in front of uniformed soldiers


Posted: Apr 3, 2024

The Institute for Security Governance (ISG) recently concluded another successful Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) engagement in Tbilisi, Georgia with its Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Georgian Defense Force (GDF) counterparts. Working alongside its Georgian partners, ISG continued to support the development of a centralized Career Management capability within the GDF; conducted a workshop focused on data analytics and policy decision-making in the MoD; and supported Georgian efforts to effectively message change management and enhance organizational trust. Supporting a more effective and nimbler Georgia will not only directly impact the country’s defense and territorial deterrence capabilities but will also enhance its interoperability as an important U.S. Security Cooperation partner.

graphic of a person viewing the heron issue on a desktop


Posted: Apr 2, 2024

Announcing the latest ISG Heron – a quarterly newsletter highlighting our work in Security Cooperation and Institutional Capacity Building as well as the people who contribute to this important mission. 

In this issue, ISG:    

•  Spotlights a successful senior leader delegation visit to ISG & DRMI.

• Welcomes seven new outstanding Regional Advising and Functional Experts.

• Profiles the expansion of security governance in Sri Lanka. 

• Explores the pivotal role of the U.S.-Philippines Bilateral Strategic Dialog in regional security. 

• Offers a standing ovation to Africa Regional Program Lead, Dr. Whitney Grespin.

• Interviews Director Ian Wexler on his dual engagements in the Philippines.