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Book Cover of Anatomy of Post-Communist European Defense Institutions
Thomas Young  - 06/29/2017
Although the West won the Cold War, the continuation of the status quo is not a foregone conclusion. The former Soviet-aligned regions outside of Russia -- Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and others
Book cover art
Scott Jasper  - 11/21/2016
In the face of persistent threats, some hybrid in nature, and their consequences, Conflict and Cooperation in the Global Commons provides a forum where contributors identify ways to strengthen and ma
Book cover with abstract blue and grey background
W.D. Davidson, E. Wright  - 11/21/2016
In Contract Administration, William D. Davison, CPPO and Elisabeth Wright, Ph.D., CPCM, focus on the achievement of stated goals and objectives through contract performance.
Graphic representation of missals on yhr book cover
E. Wright  - 11/21/2016
Defense Acquisition Management is a “reader,” that is, it is a collection of articles on various aspects of Defense Acquisition Management.
Graphic styled missals on the book cover
E. Wright  - 11/21/2016
Defense Acquisition Management is a “reader,” that is, it is a collection of articles on various aspects of Defense Acquisition Management.
Masked person with the cross-hairs of a rifle sight on the head
P. Shemella  - 11/21/2016
This book explains how governments can construct and execute the most effective strategies to combat terrorism—and how they can manage the consequences of those acts of terrorism they cannot prevent.
Mall with flags on book cover
Donald Abenheim  - 11/06/2017
The Naval War College Review was established in 1948 and is a forum for discussion of public policy matters of interest to the maritime services. The forthright and candid views of the authors are pr
Simple white and blue striped book cover
T. Bruneau, H Trinkunas  - 11/21/2016
This volume highlights the impact of global trends on defense reform and civil-military relations, including phenomena such as globalization and economic liberalization that are not usually associate
Ocean with small military boats and a helicopter
P. Shemella  - 11/21/2016
Global Responses to Maritime Violence is a full discussion of maritime security short of war that goes beyond the current literature in both scope and perspective.
Geometric squares on book cover
Gordon A. Craig  - 10/16/2017
This volume gathers previously uncollected articles from the last quarter of a career that spanned six decades. Placing politics in the perspective of culture, and culture in the perspective of polit
Maras gang hand sign
T. Bruneau, L. Dammert, E. Skinner  - 11/21/2016
Eleven experts provide a complete, objective assessment of mara gang violence in Central America.
Light blue wavy book cover
James J. Wirtz & Jeffrey A. Larsen  - 12/02/2016
This edited volume explores stability, security, transition and reconstruction operations (SSTR), highlighting the challenges and opportunities they create for the US Navy.
Dollar sign and a contract soldier
T.C. Bruneau  - 11/21/2016
This book develops a new approach to the analysis of civil-military relations by focusing on the effectiveness of the armed forces in fulfilling roles & missions, and on their efficiency in terms of
Grey, brown and yellow horizontally striped book cover
Donald Abenheim  - 10/16/2017
Recent controversies about Ronald Reagan's visit to the Bitburg military cemetery and revelations about Kurt Waldheim's past underscored the political problems inherent in Germany's military traditio
Navy uniform with medal
Donald Abenheim  - 10/31/2017
Im Mittelpunkt des Sammelbandes steht der »Staatsbürger in Uniform« und gleichzeitig die Sorge um diese Institution. Die Sorge gilt dem Inbegriff für eine zivil-militärische Kultur, die in der Bundes
Brightly colored graphical representation of a person on a tight rope
E. Wright  - 11/21/2016
In Risk Management in Public Contracting, Elisabeth Wright, Ph.D., CPCM, offers a concise yet thorough overview risk and risk management in public sector contracting.
Graphical globe top highlighting Romania
Zodian, Mihai V.; Zodian, Vladimir & Matei, Florina Cristiana  - 01/29/2017
Selection on a multitude of events often seemingly contradictory, the authors have tried to reconstruct the main projects, phases and activities that materialized Romanian foreign policy in the post-
Submarine, tower, fighter jet and soldier in squares on a book cover
Scott Jasper  - 11/21/2016
The book is written for security professionals, policy makers, policy analysts, military officers in professional military education programs, students of security studies and international relations
Soldier sitting with gun on the ground
P. Shemella & N. Tomb  - 12/05/2016
Security Forces in African States: Cases and Assessment is an important work with the potential to redefine how African governments improve the governance and capacity of their security institutions.
Blue and white graphic book cover
IDARM & Transparency International UK  - 12/01/2016
Transparency International UK's Defence and Security Programme {Tl-DSP) partnered with the International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) Program of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School